What to Do If You Don’t Have Any Good Memories?


What to do if you don’t have any good memories? The first thing that you should do is realize that you do have a good memory or two embedded someplace in your life.

These life experiences may have a very brief duration, and they may have come at lengthy intervals, but they are there.

Another thing to be mindful of is that your memories are a product of your thinking articulated by how you live your life.

Not being able to see any good in your life logically leads to depression and self-alienation.

You build your memories, so it’s up to you as to what type of memories they are. Even with health problems and other difficulties that are out of your control, you have the mastery of your thinking.

I know that this sounds all sweet and cuddly and that you have heard this all before.

So have I, which is why I repeat this saying to myself as a reminder when I can only see darkness in my memories and start belittling myself. It’s easy to lose what you have if you do not appreciate it.

The lines of my life are not all straight nor dimly lit, there are shadows, and colors throughout them.

What to do if you don’t have any good memories? If a person has lived to be age twelve and beyond, it is hard to imagine that this person does not have at least one good memory that they can relish.

Other life experiences obscured this memory, but it is there. This pleasant memory can be as something as simple as your smiling to someone and them smiling back that gave you a good feeling for that moment.

Or the sound of a bird singing, or how wondrous our sister planet the Moon looks in the day or night sky.

Good memories of your past are not hard to find if you want to find them. I must remind myself of this when I want to weep and mourn for myself.

As you can imagine, changing your set way of thinking is a difficult task. You are reconfiguring the chemical composition and electrical circuits in your brain when you are transforming your way of thinking.

Some people try to do this by the use of certain medications, others by engaging in a belief system, while others want to use brute force to modify their thinking habits and patterns.

Whatever works for you, that is what works for you. As for me, I reach to a source that is greater than me and is me to help me find those many hidden positives that have occurred during my life.

At present, my success rate by using this approach is dismal, not because of the source, but because I am a terror unto myself. I want to change the way that I think, and yet I resist this change at the same time. Like a seed that will not germinate, I allow the life-giving waters of thought purification not to affect me.

Not because my current way of thinking is my comfort zone, on the contrary, my current way of viewing myself, and the world around me is fractured and shattered. It highlights and underlines everything that I dislike about myself and condense that into a world view.

One thing that has prevented me from tumbling into the deep end of self-loathing and depression is my ability to laugh and make fun of myself.

I recognize my faults and shortcomings and make an effort to correct them. This is an LTE (Long Term Evolution) process that will take as long as it takes to complete it. I fall on my face daily, get up, and continue.

My willingness and effort to improve myself is a good memory that I can relish. Hopefully, I will have learned something valuable each time that I fall that I can use to achieve my goal.

Good memories are not hard to find if you are willing to find them. Finding those pleasant memories is the first step in recognizing them as being part of my life’s experiences just as the not so pleasant memories that I tend to focus on are as well. We need them both to mature and grow.

Once good memories are found, I must diligently pitch my tent over them so that the negative electrical charges in my brain are equally balanced with positive ones.

There must be a balance because too much of a good thing is not necessarily agreeable and may hinder personal growth because you are using only one pool of your life experiences to fashion your life by.

As energized and refreshed electrical impulses migrate, opening new channels and closing old ones, the chemistry in my brain is changed.

Hopefully, the result of all this electrical and chemical modifying is a refreshing of the inner person that has become stagnate by pessimistic thinking. I shall see.

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