Countdown to Oblivion

Hopeless Woman
The seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years, fade away into obscurity as I sometimes not so patiently wait for the dreaded unknown.

Others have gone before me and have not sent any messages back to let me know what I am to expect when I reach physical extinction.

My eyes are open, but my life is closed. Death became my nomenclature the instant that I became an element in my mother’s womb.

The properties of a continuous medium have vanished beyond me as I have become a Thermosphere unto myself. The persistent drumming in my ear is an unceasing reminder for what awaits me.

And so my joy is complete as I have nothing to offer this world, and this world has nothing to offer me.

I will soon be with my mother again, and this time I hope to be pleasing to her.

Those whom I have caused harm will have no reason to forgive me as my passing through will be attached to their judgments.

The worms will ignore me, the stench of rotting flesh will have contempt for me, and I will adore it, as even to most repulsive will be giving me what I deserve.

Others have gone before me, people who would have had a positive impact on someone’s life, and I persist as a shadow without form, adding nothing of worth to anyone.

Let the happy be stunned, and the ones who think that they are on top see how deeply they are at the bottom.

Oblivion awaits, let us give it a big cheer.

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