Our Approach

Accept your condition. Don’t let denial place you and others in harm’s way. Denial is a self-induced illusion that can cause untold damage if unchecked. Denial is more destructive than the virus itself because it places you in a world that does not exist and burglarize you of rational thinking, not to mention the harm it can cause someone else.

Your health condition is abnormal, but you are not. Think good thoughts about yourself and live your life. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and fashion resentments towards others, but this is not the best way to go if you are willing to accept your condition and move on.

Many of the answers that you are seeking are within you. The results that you are looking for may never come, and that only makes you more determined to keep fighting.

Friendship and romance come in a single package called compassionate consideration of oneself and others. Be a friend to yourself, and others will befriend you. Today is today, and tomorrow is twilight. We live from breath to breathe, so it’s up to us to make that next breath more refreshing and uplifting than the last.

Our Story

Our story is the same story that everyone has who has a supposed incurable disease. We know that death will come, but suffering unto death is unacceptable. Life can be as peaceful and as rewarding as your thinking makes it. Do yourself a favor and remove yourself from the center stage, and the rest will fall into place.

Let it not be said that a single one of us fell apart in the heat of battle.

Next Steps…

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