Communicate and share our experiences. Actively engage in community activities. Never take no for an answer.



Use all available mediums to spread the word of life. Let the world know your thoughts and feelings. Listen and observe.



Become the caretaker of your life and health. Be the power that you can be. Be the difference that counts.

Our Message

Bestowing Life is an exceptional community of extraordinary people that are sharing, loving, educating, committed, and growing. Become a member of this community and expand the quality of your life by being an encouragement to others.

Being HIV positive robs an infected person of having peace of mind, quality of life, and hope for the future. In our community, we share a common concern. We have the same goals. We are learning to find peace of mind and to be positive and productive with this illness.

We are not here to give answers, only caring, listening, and understanding. The battle is ours to win if we chose to win it. Or, we can decide to believe what others are telling us and live our lives as they determined us to live it.

Denial is our greatest adversary that places other people in harm’s way. The world is not our private habitation. We are responsible for the welfare of others. By doing so, we increase our safety as others emulate our behavior.

The Bestowing-Life family is at the forefront of caring and loving. Become a member of a network of compassionate and supportive people. The message board and chat room are always open and are free to use, so take advantage of them. You do not have to register to be a member of this site.

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